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Companies involved in large scale solar thermal energy observe significant misconceptions among policy makers and investment decision-makers in Australia about the cost of solar thermal power, and a lack of understanding of the rapidly improving cost dynamics of large scale solar thermal demonstrated in other markets. AUSTELA is growing a high quality membership – that includes leading technology providers, government agencies, academic institutions, component manufacturers, consulting engineers and advisors to government – that encourages productive discussion and presentation of contemporary insights to AUSTELA’s stakeholders.

The following companies are members of AUSTELA:


Aalborg CSP A/S is a leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable technologies aiming to change the way energy is produced today. Relying on extensive experience from some of the most efficient concentrated solar power (CSP) projects around the world, we design and deliver green technologies and integrated energy systems to lower cost of energy for industries and power plants worldwide. 
Aalborg CSP places strong focus on R&D activities and partners with knowledge-based companies and institutions to create leading-edge technologies. As a result, the Aalborg CSP engineering design is centred on a value-adding concept providing solutions that excel in operation, increase plant revenue and contribute to a greener future.
Headquartered in Aalborg (Denmark) and with sales & service offices in Spain, Kenya, Australia and Indonesia, Aalborg CSP has realised cost effective green energy solutions to a variety of industries worldwide.

Abengoa (MCE: ABG) is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating energy from the sun, producing biofuels, desalinating sea water and recycling industrial waste. Abengoa´s solar business develops proprietary CSP and PV solar energy technologies to foster sustainable development and energy independence.


Cobra Group Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grupo Cobra, a Spanish-based EPC contractor and industrial services company. Cobra has completed the EPC of some the most important solar thermal references in the world, including the Andasol plants in Andalucia, and the Gemasolar power tower near Seville. Cobra has been a pioneer in the development of molten salt storage capacity for solar thermal plants, making possible the commercial delivery of baseload solar power. 


Ferrostaal is a global provider of industrial services in plant construction and engineering, offering development and management of projects, financial planning and construction services for turnkey industrial and energy plants. Ferrostaal employs around 4,600 people in more than 40 countries. In 2011, its annual turnover amounted to approximately A$ 1.2 billion. Ferrostaal is part of MPC Group of Hamburg, Germany.


Founded in 1922, the Fichtner Group is one of the leading independent engineering consultancy firms in the world. The Fichtner Group has worked on projects across Australia since 1979 and due to the growing demand, Fichtner Australia was founded in 2021. Fichtner Australia is a trusted partner in all types of engineering, infrastructure and consulting projects, with a strong focus also on renewable energy, including Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST).  Being active in CST since the late 1970s and having been involved in 140+ CST projects, Fichtner has acquired an unrivalled wealth of experience in CST. Fichtner has been involved in multiple CST projects in Australia, including site selection and feasibility studies, design planning, tendering and technical advisory services.


Flagsol is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrostaal, specialising in engineering and EPC services for solar thermal power plants. Flagsol is one of the pioneers of the parabolic trough technology and a leading exponent of the use of molten salt in thermal energy storage systems. In 2012, Flagsol and Ferrostaal completed the planning and construction of the solar thermal power plant Andasol 3 in Andalusia, southern Spain. Flagsol is currently extending the application of molten salt as a heat transfer fluid in CSP systems including parabolic trough and solar tower.

frenell FRENELL has been working on its cost-effective, robust CSP technology continuously and fully focused for more than 15 years. FRENELL’s concentrated solar collector technology combined with thermal energy storage offers a solution for carbon-free, cost-efficient power generation 24/7.
 gasco Gasco Pty Ltd has established a reputation as Australia’s leading combustion and process engineering company who designs, manufactures, installs, commissions and services a diversified range of equipment over the life of the asset, locally and internationally.  Gasco was formed in 1991 and is an independent, 100 per cent Australian-owned company. Its board and management are acknowledged for their experience and expertise in the industry.  Gasco, with its highly skilled, multicultural staff and its modern office and manufacturing facility, is able to offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services.

Heliostat SA was formed in 2014 to transform a leading Australian Automotive parts maker into a Solar Technology company.
HSA supplied CSIRO format heliostats for the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power systems Hybrid CSP demonstration plant in Yokohama. They then increased the size of this small heliostat to 7.2 sqm.
Heliostat South Australia has strategic R&D Partnerships with CSIRO, Adelaide University Centre for Energy Technology, the University of South Australia and Flinders University. As a service provider to the CSP and PV industries, HSA is part of a consortium with other manufacturers, a civil construction company and an electricity network provider.
Heliostat SA has a heliostat and tower receiver test facility north of Adelaide, South Australia. The Company is majority owned by Precision Components Australia and the Fusion Capital Group, minor shareholders include UniSA ventures.


The ITP Energised Group, formed in 1981, is a specialist renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon markets consulting company. The group has offices and projects throughout the world. IT Power (Australia) was established in 2003 and has undertaken a wide range of projects, including designing grid-connected renewable power systems, providing advice for government policy, feasibility studies for large, off-grid power systems, developing micro-finance models for community-owned power systems in developing countries and modelling large-scale power systems for industrial use. ITP Thermal Pty Ltd was established in early 2016 as a new company within the ITP Energised group, with a mandate to lead solar thermal projects globally. In doing so it accesses staff and resources in the other ITP Energised group companies as appropriate.

John cockerill

John Cockerill Energy designs solar thermal receivers for high power thermo solar power plants (CSP/STE).
John Cockerill Energy is specialized in the design of molten salts solar receivers, enabling solar power dispatchability and enabling 24/7 electricity production. John Cockerill solar thermal receivers are suited to the tower technology, which works by reheating a fluid contained in a boiler installed at the top of a tower and onto which the sun’s rays are concentrated. With a John Cockerill solar receiver operating at the 50 MWe Khi Solar One power plant (South Africa) and the molten salts solar receiver for the 110 MWe Cerro Dominador plant in Chile, John Cockerill Energy is ready to extend its range of innovative products. Located in Belgium, John Cockerill Energy calls on the various expertise from 200 years of industrial experience and counts many experts designing innovative products.

sener SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 which is a premier provider of innovative and high-quality solutions in the aerospace and engineering areas of industrys. SENER Engineering is a leading international company in the Infrastructure, Energy and Marine sectors. In the area of Renewable Investments, where SENER has promoted and taken a stake in renewable energy and waste-to-energy projects, such as Zabalgarbi. The company is focusing its technology investments in synergy with SENER Engineering.
vast solar Vast Solar was founded in 2008 to develop a concentrating solar thermal power system capable of competing on price with wind power in the near term.  Vast Solar has developed innovations in central receiver (power tower) design that significantly reduce the cost of the solar array – the largest element of capital cost in a solar thermal system – while maintaining the economies of scale and turbine efficiencies achieved from centralised, high temperature power block configuration, and delivering cost efficient thermal energy storage.  Based in Sydney Australia, with a highly experienced executive team with international expertise in innovation, manufacturing, energy and carbon markets, finance and project development, Vast Solar is backed by a leading Australian agribusiness, and by funding from a major Australian utility.
  Yokogawa Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation of Japan. Yokogawa provides control solutions for critical systems, partnering with our clients in the thermal and renewables power industry. We have been working with the majority of local Australian CSP providers for over a decade and have developed significant IP together with hardware tracking solutions to support our CSP clients with all aspects of safely and efficiently operating, maintaining and remotely monitoring their assets. With more than 150 engineers located in offices throughout Australia, since 1989, we have locally engineered solutions that currently provide 24/7 critical control and grid stabilisation for almost 30% of the NEM and 40% of thermal fleet generation Australia wide.

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