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AUSTELA Past Submissions

25.07.2022 | AUSTELA Submission to the Energy Security Board Capacity Mechanism High-level Design Paper. 

29.11.2018 | AUSTELA Submission to the Australian Government's Underwriting New Generation Investments program. 

31.07.2017 | AUSTELA Submission to ARENA Request for Information on Concentrating Solar Thermal projects.

29.05.2017 | AUSTELA Submission on the proposed SA Energy Security Target.

29.04.2017 | AUSTELA Submission to to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy inquiry into modernising Australia’s electricity grid.

03.03.2017 | AUSTELA Submission to NSW Climate Change Fund Draft Strategic Plan.

03.03.2017 | AUSTELA Submission to Senate Select Committee into the Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure.

02.03.2017 | AUSTELA Submission to Finkel Report.

27.08.2012 | AUSTELA Submission to ARENA General Funding Strategy Consultation.

16.03.2012 | AUSTELA Submission in response to the Draft Energy White Paper.

14.03.2012 | AUSTELA Letter to CEFC Advisory Board.

13.03.2012 | AUSTELA NTNDP Consultation Submission.

28.02.2012 | The Role of the Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association. Presentation at the Solar Power Australia 2012 Conference (Brisbane 28/29 February 2012).

16.02.2012 | AUSTELA letter to BREE in relation to the Australian Energy Technologies Assessment 2012.

07.02.2012 | Comments on the Extension for Solar Flagships financial close.

05.09.2011 | Submission to AEMO in relation to the National Transmission Network Development Plan 2011.

02.08.2011 | Submission in Relation to the New South Wales Solar and Renewable Energy Plan.


Your Suggestions – Areas of Focus

If you have an interest in the development of solar thermal power in Australia, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.your suggestions:

  • For enhancement of this website as an information portal
  • Of issues on which you believe AUSTELA could focus in order to advance AUSTELA's core goal of improving the investment environment for solar thermal power in Australia.



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