AUSTELA and ASTRI release joint statement on ESB’s proposed Capacity Mechanism

The Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI) and the Australian Solar Thermal Industry Association (AUSTELA) released a joint statement to welcome the Energy Security Board’s (ESB) discussion paper on the capacity mechanism. If implemented with a focus on renewable technologies, the proposed mechanism has the potential to incentivise essential investment in dispatchable, long-duration renewable energy storage.

You can read the joint statement here.

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You can learn more about Solar Thermal Energy in ASTRI's Public Dissemination Report 2021.

Concentrating Solar Power Technology book published in its second edition

The Concentrating Solar Power Technology book has just been published in its second edition, edited by Keith Lovegrove and Wes Stein.

As the clean energy revolution is continuing to gain momentum, there is increasing recognition that electricity systems require significant amounts of dispatchable renewable generation capacity. CSP plants have included proven thermal storage as a matter of standard practice for many years and offer one of the most cost effective solutions to dispatchable renewables. Since the first edition of the book was published in 2012, the installed capacity of CSP systems globally has increased by 300%. At this pivotal time, the book has detailed coverage of every aspect from leading authors in the field. Each chapter has been updated with the latest developments and a valuable addition is a new chapter on CSP best practice, that captures the results from an NREL led study that looked in depth at the experiences of commercial plants to date.

Vast Solar unveiled plans for $600m dispatchable solar in Mount Isa

Austela member and solar thermal developer Vast Solar has unveiled plans to provide 50MW of 24/7 continuous power to Mount Isa in North West Queensland with a “baseload” solar plant that will combine solar thermal, solar PV, battery storage and back up gas generators.

The plant will include a 50 MW solar thermal system with 14 hours of storage, based on Vast Solar's modular molten sodium-based technology, that will generate about half of the total power output.

The project is expected to provide cheaper energy to the local electricity market, currently powered by gas generators.

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John Cockerill's solar receiver installed at Chile's Cerro Dominador CSP plant

The 110 MW Cerro Dominador solar thermal project, owned by EIG Global Energy Partners and built by Acciona and AUSTELA's member Abengoa in the Atacama Desert in Chile, has just achieved one of the key milestones of its construction: the raising and installation of the 2300 tonnes John Cockerill Energy's solar receiver at 220 meters high. The receiver was assembled at the bottom of the tower and then lifted using 16 hydraulic jacks.

Read the news on the project's website

Vast Solar wins SolarPACES 2019 Technology Innovation Award

Concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) company Vast Solar has recently been awarded the Technology Innovation Award at the International Energy Agency's SolarPACES 2019 Conference in South Korea.

The award recognises their progress in the development of their world-first CSP technology that combines the use of a modular tower system with molten sodium as the heat transfer fluid.

Vast Solar is aiming to develop a cost-competitive dispatchable power system that takes advantage of both the reliability of trough plants and the high temperatures (and therefore high thermodynamic efficiencies) of central tower systems.

The technology has been proven in a pilot plant constructed in Jemalong, New South Wales. The demonstration plant is capable of producing up to 6MWth and 1.1MW of electricity generation and received grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Following the award ceremony, CEO Craig Wood said: “We are now totally focused on developing our Reference Plant which will prove the technology at commercial scale. From there, we anticipate our technology playing a critical role in energy production in suitable climates around the world, generating clean, reliable energy at low cost.”

Vast Solar has been working on the development of a commercial-scale 30 MW CSP plant and it recently announced the completion of capital raising.

Vast Solar website


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